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Employment Discrimination

Choice Of Law Matters In Employment Cases

Employment Discrimination


February 2021 will always remain significant, especially to ten employees that worked for Glow Networks Inc. Even the lawyer that represented these employees confirmed to BET that the case`s verdict was a way to send a message to the world. The message was for companies or anyone to stop discrim...Read All

Religious Discrimination

Employment Discrimination


Religious discrimination has become common in the current world; the United States has emerged boldly and established federal laws that prevent religious discrimination cases. This contributed to the formation of the federal statute that...Read All

Covid-19 Vaccination Mandate and Employee’s Rights

Employment Discrimination


The innovation of the Covid-19 vaccine and the vaccination process have raised eyebrows among many people, especially employees across the globe. Everybody seems to have their opinion regarding the coronavirus jab. However, all employees have their rights when it comes to Covid-19 vaccination.Read All

Presenting Your Claim in EEOC

Employment Discrimination


EEOC or Equal employment opportunity commission is Federal administrative body that is responsible for investigation of employees’ complaints of discrimination and retaliation at workplace. Filing a complaint with the EEOC, often is a necessary ...Read All